Innovation united with tradition

The exclusive design of the collection makes it special, extraordinary and unique in its quality and design.
This tie is a high-quality handcrafted product in a contemporary, innovative style.
The top-level couture tie!
There are tree variations avaliable: standard self-tipped, five-fold self-tipped, and nine-fold. All of them are handmade. It takes two hours to manufacture the exquisite nine-fold tie.
Italian and English manufacturers provide first-class Jaquard fabrics with an extraordinary material density - in silk, finest Cashmere wool, cotton and linen.
Prints are made on exclusive Japanese Fuji silk and Mommie Saglia material, graded 29 to 40. Luxurious Mogador qualities and real Grenadine round off the program.
The high density of the material is a condition for its good rebound. The interlining of the standard self-tipped tie consists of Bemberg silk. Yet another special feature of the ties are the innova-tive finishes that have been developed exclusively for BROSKA.
Developed and produced by connoisseurs for connoisseurs ...


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