Both the Damascene and the Mokume Gane belt buckles are traditionally manufactured in the smithy of a monastery in Westphalia and afterwards laser-treated with the most contemporary technology, thus getting the shape Jörg Broska has intended: a thorn buckle.

Damascene steel is named after the city of Damascus and describes a material made of several kinds of iron or steel, which shows a clear layered structure of the original materials when it is pol-ished or electrolytically etched. This process has already been used during the age of antiquity. For the belt buckle from the Broska collection, found under "fashionable accessories", the steel is folded 39 times and therefore has a subtle texture.

Mokume Gane ist a technique originating from early 17th century Japan. The name characterizes the typical look of the articles: Mokume means "wooden eyes" and refers to wood patterns, and Kane means "metal".
The belt buckle manufactured for Broska's "fashionable accessories" has eye-shaped patterns called Itame Gane. For the buckle, copper and brass have been joined together in 39 layers and the inner form has been laser-treated, just as the Damascene belt buckle.
Both buckles feature a special appliance for changing the belt straps.
A varied selection of leathers is available, from vegetable-tanned saddle leather and American pull-up leather to cayman tail leather.

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