As individual as the sound of a voice.

Parrot? Peacock? Penguin? Being a male in the animal and bird world is a great pleasure. Colours and shapes could not be more expressive. Males are dressed to impress. The colour grey is more popular with the females.

Being a male human being is much more of a challenge. Pragmatism seems to be fashionable. When it comes to apparel, creativity is not exactly a male trait. Grey men prevail, especially in banking and public authorities. Cliché or truth? Where is the individual face in the crowd?

"Often it takes merely a change of perspective to see clearly."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This is just fine, Jörg Broska says. His intention is not to transform the official dress regulations, but to make a statement. A statement of individuality. Personal statements. Fashion is a tool of communication. Attention to detail. Broska designs fashionable accessories for discerning gentlemen. He is not interested in massive, noticeable or spectacular features, but memorable details. And he is successful. With ties, breast pocket handkerchiefs, shawls and scarves, cuff links and belts with handcrafted buckles ... in limited editions. A paradigm shift for male fashion.

The female fashion world takes notice as well. Not only of attractive men who make a fashion statement, but of the Broska collection itself, since the summer season of 2012. The ladies love especially the shawls, scarves and bandanas.
Exquisite materials, attractive designs and exclusive patterns meet the highest demands of quality and modern aesthetics and are still timeless and ap-pealing to both sexes. People communicate with precious individual accessories.

Fashionable accessories: as individual as the sound of a voice.