Dressing is a individual form of communication.
The joy of detail. Broska designs "accessories" for men and women they would desire to be subtly different.
They are not interested in the dazzling, the conspicuous and the spectacular, they are interested in details that are anchored.
This is Broska's excellence. With ties, handkerchiefs, scarves and foulards, bandanas, shirts and blouses, sunglasses, cufflinks and belts. Noble materials, attractive designs, exclusive patterns, for the highest standards of quality and aesthetics in a modern interpretation yet timeless and attractive for both genders. Thus, the human being becomes a communicative personality, with high-quality and individual accessories. fashion highlights : as individual as your voice.

Jörg Broska, accessories, ties, scarves, scarfs, foulards, bandanas, squares, shirts and blouses, sunglasses.

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